Frequently Asked Questions






Does the Saffron Smoothing Treatment damage hair?

Quite the opposite – it repairs the hair. The treatment closes the hair follicle, making it become more lively and flexible.

How long will the Saffron Smoothing Treatment last?

The hair straightening treatment lasts three months or longer, depending upon your usage of the additional Saffron Secret products at home as well as hair stylists’ application.

Will results differ based on my hair type?

The Saffron Smoothing Treatment works on all  hair types, even on the most difficult hair that can't 

use traditional hair straightening methods.

When can I color my hair after the smoothing treatment?

The results of the saffron smoothing treatment are immediate following the process. Once the process is complete you can color your hair straight away. Color that was done prior to treatment will be lightened up to 2 tones.

Is the Saffron Smoothing Treatment a DIY application?

No - the fomula is not a Do it Yourself application. It is for professional use only by trained hair stylists.




How does the Saffron Smoothing Treatment work without formaldehyde?

It’s due to a revolutionary formula for hair smoothing—and it’s our Saffron Secret.

How much shorter is the Saffron Smoothing Treatment's application time?

Our formula and its application cut treatment time

by 50%. See full instructions on the Saffron Smoothing Treatment page.

Are Saffron Secret products safe to use during pregnancy?

We recommend you consult with your physician if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.


How will my hair react to humidity following the treatment?

Following the Saffron Smoothing Treatment, your hair will be straight and will not frizz due to humidity.

What do Saffron Secret products smell like?

The scent is woodsy. A premium perfume and saffron essence signature scent- timeless, unique, versatile and crisp.