On the Iberian Peninsula of Spain, just south of the Central Pyrenees, lies the Ebro Valley. A land of legend colored by nobility, pilgrims, witches and smugglers, its verdant hills are home to certified 100% organic saffron, grown exclusively for Saffron Secret.


Favoring full sunlight, our Crocus flower, also known as the saffron rose, grows especially well on these arid hillsides. It’s thanks to expert cultivators using cutting-edge research and techniques for growing saffron with the highest yield of B2 vitamins—higher than any other saffron grown worldwide. They help us create a superior product specialized for hair and skin care.


When the distinctive purple flowers bloom in late October, harvesting begins. Collecting our rose of saffron is done using a blend of sterile lab-like conditions combined with the centuries-old tradition of handpicking.


One by one, saffron roses are harvested by cutting the flower stalk not with knives but with a skilled thumbnail, slicing below the stigmas. Freshly harvested flowers are placed gently into baskets and carried to cool spots where they’re laid onto canvas cloths.

Within 12 short hours, the saffron flowers are transferred to a table where the stigmas (saffron threads) are separated from the rest of the flower, again with the click of a thumbnail.


Newly peeled saffron strands are placed into silk and onto hot coals, where they’re dried by roasting over low, even heat to toast them from bright red to dark. It’s now that they acquire their characteristic aroma, distinctive from all other flowers.


Toasted saffron is weighed on a precision scale to ensure proper quantities, as it’s one of the most valuable crops in the world. It takes more than 100,000 Crocus flowers to create one pound of pure saffron.


After, the saffron is isolated from moisture and light by wrapping in wool, preserving in wooden boxes or storing in earthenware jars to maintain the highest quality.


From here, our organic saffron is transported to Saffron Secret formularies, where we blend it deftly with other actives to create the rejuvenating hair products you expect from us.