Smooth Out Post-Treatment Shampoo

Keep hair saffron smooth at home
32 OZ & 16 OZ


Maintain your newly smoothed mane with our exclusive, at-home post-treatment and maintenance shampoo by Saffron Secret.


It’s sodium chloride and sulfate-free to give you the longest lasting results flat out. No treatment dissolving salts, no harsh lathers that strip treatments. Just the mildest of formulas to keep hair more flexible, soft and clean. Suitable for all hair types.


This shampoo features 100% organic saffron, treating hair to concentrated Vitamin B2, a key activator of Vitamin B6 and niacin, which are key to hair and most importantly scalp health.


The result? Softer, cleaner, longer lasting straightened hair you can keep going at home.


sulphate free saffron

After applying Saffron Smoothing Treatment, wash hair  and scalp  thoroughly twice and rinse well.