Saffron Smoothing Treatment


Long lasting same day results smoothing treatment for all hair types.
32 OZ & 8 OZ


Meet the first ever saffron based formaldehyde-free same day straightening

treatment with a health orientation for all hair types including wavy, afro, frizzy and curly hair with round ringlets and terrific twists. 


This treatment takes voluminous curls into massively manageable territory and comes with take-home products to keep the smoothness going. Furthermore, the treatment revitalizes the scalp and hair roots with a unique formulation which also promotes hair health.

The key? 100% organic saffron. The king of spice, saffron’s concentrated Vitamin B2 is at the heart of Saffron Secret hair health as it activates mission-critical Vitamin B6 and niacin. Our formaldehyde-free smoothing  takes half the time of traditional formulas yet yields an immediate result,  enabling you to serve more clients and give them a better experience with instant changes  they can see while in your salon. What’s more, our treatment is safe to use on hair roots, unlike other formulations, so it’s an excellent option for doing straightening touchups. Best of all, this patent-pending, fully tested formula has no formaldehyde. No parabens.  Just natural hair smoothing Aqua Azafran herbal essences.

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It is imperative that the Saffron Smoothing Treatment only be performed by a certified professional stylist with appropriate ventilation in accordance with the below instructions.


saffron smoothng

Do not wash hair before applying Saffron Smoothing Treatment.  Part hair down the back of the head and 

divide into sections. Pour 2.5-4 oz/80 ml-120 ml (depending on hair length) into mixing bowl and use 

hair dye brush to apply to hair, section by section from roots to ends. Comb through to ensure that hair thoroughly absorbs formula. Apply plastic wrap tightly over hair. Wait 50 minutes. Remove plastic wrap.

 Blow dry for 10 minutes with flat brush in order to get rid of the excess moisture. Iron hair at 375-450 Fahrenheit/190-230 Celsius (depending on hair type) and iron section by section  from roots to ends. After ironing, allow the hair to cool. Wash hair with warm water. Shampoo using Smooth Out Post-Treatment Shampoo. Apply Saffron Straight On Hair Mask or Conditioner, as recommended. Blow dry. Apply Saffron Oil. It is important to note that hair can be colored following the treatment, however hair which is colored prior to the treatment will lighten by up to two tones.

Instructional Video below: