Natural Remedies of Saffron for Skin and Hair Health

We were not the ones to come up with saffron as the secret ingredient for

natural cosmetic applications. The king of spice, with its remedies and

rituals, has been around since the dawn of time. However, our unique

formulas and modern scientific approach bring you a range of hair and skin

products which will disrupt the beauty industry. We take a quick peek into

the outstanding beauty benefits of saffron utilized across the old and new

world, and throw in a few of those traditional remedies for your personal

enjoyment (although we do not take personal responsibility for Ayurveda

and alike concoctions that we have posted here). Once you have had a

look, feel free to take a look into our Saffron Secret collections to review

our product line.

Hair Growth – Legend or let me have some of that

Saffron is said to provide a boost in the treatment of hair growth. The

potency of saffron's antioxidants supposedly have a tendency to promote

hair follicle growth and rejuvenate lost or damaged hair. Mix the saffron

with a teaspoon of salt, licorice powder and milk, and apply it to the

damaged hair area and scalp as a hair mask for a few minutes. Conduct the

same procedure daily. Legend has it that this ought to do the trick.

Magical properties for the Skin

We have reviewed studies and clinical trials that prove the efficacy of the

high levels of anti-oxidants in saffron. You can read more about that here.

Beyond the studies saffron can supposedly improve acne, remove wrinkles,

tone the skin, improve overall complexion and provide a natural glow.

These are the remedies that have come to our ear from shamans across the


Skin Remedies

Skin glow – Option 1: Add a few threads of saffron into a glass of milk.

Repeat on a daily basis religiously. Option 2: Make a face mask out of 2

teaspoons of milk, a teaspoon of sandalwood powder and 3 strands of

saffron. Massage into face for 20 minutes and then remove with water.

Apply once a week.

Acne – Take 3-4 basil leaves with a dash of saffron. Grind up the

ingredients and apply to affected area. Apply regularly and wash off with


Skin complexion – Add a few saffron threads to olive or coconut oil and

massage into the skin.

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