Formaldehyde-Free Smoothing by Saffron Secret

We are proud to announce the launch of our COMPLETELY formaldehyde-free smoothing product for professional hair-care, the Saffron Smoothing Treatment. We wish to reiterate the zero-tolerance which our brand Saffron Secret has for formaldehyde known by its systemic name methylene glycol.

Smoothing products which contain forms of formaldehyde, release the chemical compound into the air where it is then inhaled. This has become an occupational hazard for hair stylists and their clientele. There is a rise in awareness about prolonged formaldehyde exposure and its carcinogenic nature in addition to its being a prevalent allergen.

There are a number of companies which state that they have formaldehyde-free smoothing products, however government laboratory findings have concluded that the vast majority have either removed formaldehyde from the ingredients list or still contain a sizable amount of methylene glycol in the treatment.

There is also a myth in the industry that without formaldehyde, it is impossible to acquire the same result as traditional smoothing products. There are hair-care brands which have legitimate formaldehyde-free treatments which are shorter lasting and conducive to attaining hair manageability, by utilizing alternatives to formaldehyde to mimic the fusing of hair bonds and to protect the hair from humidity. The real challenge as of now has been to deliver a no formaldehyde smoothing formula which can reach those same multiple month results without the toxicity.

Saffron Secret's Saffron Smoothing Treatment answers that exact pain point and delivers the needed solution with exceptional results. Our formaldehyde free smoothing treatment provides long lasting silky straight results for even the most difficult of hair types. Furthermore, we improved the process by decreasing the stylist's time by 50% and there is no need to wash the hair prior to the treatment.

So how did we do it? What is our secret? Our beauty innovators have spent years on this subject and finally we are bringing that breakthrough to market.

Saffron Secret is a beauty brand in the professional hair-care industry delivering innovative and patented hair products which are enriched with 100% organic saffron. Our formulations are loaded with Riboflavin B2, which is a powerful natural enhancer for hair and skin health. Learn more about the secrets of saffron and the science of beauty.

Saffron Secret Formaldehyde Freee

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