8 oz Smoothing Treatment By Saffron Secret Now Available

Saffron Secret has added an additional bottle size to the Saffron Smoothing Treatment Formaldehyde Free series – the 8 oz bottle. It is suitable in formula quantity for 2-3 straightening treatments, depending on the hair length. This 8 oz smoothing treatment bottle size is perfect for stylists who do not service a large clientele base or simply for at home pro-use.

Along with the 32 oz bottle, the 8 oz straightening treatment by Saffron Secret is a safer alternative to Brazilian formaldehyde solutions, and is suitable for professional treatment of all hair types, keeping hair silky straight and humidity proof for 3 months.

With this innovative smoothing treatment, there is no need to wash the hair and utilize a clarifying shampoo beforehand. Best of all, as there is no formaldehyde in the formula, there are no chemical odors or itchy eyes during the flat-ironing process.

Enjoy Saffron Secret's new 8 oz formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment infused with our 100% organic saffron, for rich, smooth, immediate results and healthier hair.

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